Limitations of walkie talkies in cruise ships – Cruise ship walkie talkies guide

best 2 way radios for constructions

One of the best communications mediums on a cruise ship is via a walkie talkie also known as a two-way radio. Walkie talkies however have limitations when being used in cruise ships, in this article we will be discussing the struggles of a walkie talkie when transmitting and receiving on a cruise ship. Cruisers who … Read more

Can walkie talkies communicate with cb radios?

Can walkie talkies communicate with cb radios

Let’s get right into the meat…. In this article, we will be talking about CB radios and walkie talkies and if they can communicate with each other. I hate to break it into you but…. Walkie talkies cannot communicate with CB radios due to a variety of factors which we will discuss below So, you … Read more